Private Events

Franz Harary, more that any other illusion designer in the world, has made his mark in the entertainment industry. This is all too apparent in the world of corporate shows and events. As a magic and illusion engineer, Harary has applied his unique talent to this highly competitive market, where detail is everything and the product is the star.


Harary has the unique ability to create visual impossibilities live on stage, which has caused countless Fortune 500 companies to call upon him to put his world-class designs to work for them.


Regardless of the product, be it a car, cell phone, soft drink, or even an airplane, Harary’s team uses their now well known design approach to transforming your product into the shows main feature. From making cars appear on stage, teleporting people cross country via a new computer program, materializing a semi truck in a ballroom, or simply making a CEO magically appear at a sales meeting, Harary understands the importance of allowing the company’s product and message shine onstage.


Harary’s shows are not just limited to physical products but can even showcase services and systems. If a company has a new service they need to promote, Harary can produce a show to incorporate that service or system into the act. Perhaps he can send a corporate head on surreal trip into the future via time machine. The possibilities are endless but one thing remains the same – whatever the trick or illusion is, you can be sure that the service will be the main focus.


Over the years Harary and his team have been the guest entertainers for many meetings and corporate events. Today, Franz has again changed the game by introducing a new approach to this unique field of event production. In addition to brining in a Las Vegas style show running for 40 to 70 minutes, Harary has also developed a show structure based on small 5 minute illusion modules. These independent units allow for the magic to be spread throughout the event and keep the focus on the corporate agenda rather then the magical entertainment.


Franz Harary’s illusions put real magic to work for your next corporate event.