Franz Harary has a long track record for success in the theme park industry. His vanguard approach to illusion and attraction design has benefitted the most successful theme parks in the industry, including 4 of Disney’s parks, in Orlando, California, Paris, ​and Tokyo. Companies including Six Flags Magic Mountain, Sun Asia’s Polar World in Dalian China, Seoul Land Korea, Disney and Universal Studios have all featured his award-winning​ creations.
Harary’s success in the theme park arena is repeatable and transferable, but he can only be in one place at a time, so to accommodate multiple productions of his popular live shows he created a franchise opportunity by training other talented young illusionists to front his productions. With this team in place, Harary can clone his original award-winning​ productions for a global audience.



Above all else, Franz Harary’s is an entertainer and his decades of onstage experience have allowed him to develop a winning formula for high-energy, high-impact entertainment which is built into all of his theme park productions whether they run a single weekend or for multiple seasons.

Harary’s theme park productions are all designed to deliver genuine thrills. Be it a high energy stunt spectacular or an illusion based laser show, Harary’s shows are a visual feast for the senses that engages the audience in a way that can best be described as “real magic.”

The success of theme parks and attractions is based on creating magical experiences and no one understands this more clearly than Franz Harary. He’s dedicated his life to inspiring wonder and imagination.