Franz Harary is known for creating the most spectacular illusions and magic on the planet. From his work in the concert industry, stage, and stadium events, to television events, his work has come to symbolize a standard of excellence and ground breaking magical vision all over the world.

With a track record for creating award winning magic effects and illusions, it was only a matter of time until the world of theme parks came to Harary for his vanguard approach to magical production. From Six Flags Magic Mountain, Sun Asia’s Polar-world in Dalian China, Seoul Land Korea, and Universal Studios, Harary’s illusion shows, effects /production shows and laser shows have been featured by many of the most successful theme parks in the industry.

It is in the theme park industry that Franz created his most fantastic illusion of all… to be in multiple places at the same time. With the ever growing popularity of Harary’s live show it seemed natural that the next logical step was to franchise. To do this, Harary hand selected 8 young illusionists and trained them to in a sense “become him.” With this team of “magical Mini-me’s” Harary today produces clone productions of his original award winning show that continues to tour globally.

theme park productions provide a

sense of thrill

More than anything, it is Harary’s personal experience as an entertainer that has giving him a unique personal understanding of live productions. This edge has allowed him to bring the same energy and excitement from his original show to his many fixed attractions that run anywhere from one weekend to multiple seasons.

One thing that all of Harary’s theme park live productions share in common is a sense of thrill. Be it a high energy stunt spectacular or an illusion based laser fireworks show, all of Harary’s productions stir the senses and move the audience in a way that can only be described as “real magic.”

In the realm of theme parks and attractions, an industry already based on magical experiences, Harary’s live productions bring a world of wonder to life in a way that until recently existed only in a visitor’s imagination.