“(Harary’s) design concept for the launch of Transformer’s is the best in the world.” ~ Steven Spielberg


Shows / Product Launches:

When the producers of Steven Spielberg’s “Transformers” movie needed a huge PR stunt for the film’s launch they called on Franz Harary, who created a concept that ensured the worldwide press would be suitably astounded. First, he transformed a car into a 30’ Transformer, live on stage. Then, on location in Tokyo, Harary magically transformed a 40 story skyscraper into a fully articulated Transformer, amazing the assembled press. “Harary’s design concept for the launch of Transformer’s is the best in the world.” ~ Steven Spielberg.

A Product Launch is perhaps the most important event in all of corporate entertainment. Each year companies must not only out shine and out sell their competitors, they must out do themselves with each successive launch, year after year, as they bring their new products and services to the global marketplace.

Today’s buyers see more high-tech marketing and entertainment in one month than their predecessors had in their entire lifetimes, and while the latest gadgets and gizmos of the tech world may be eye-catching, they’re only effective when coupled with brilliant design and a captivating presentation. Even the best tools are useless if you don’t know how to use them expertly. Franz Harary has been bringing his unmatched level of expertise to the corporate world for decades, using his inventive brand of magic to discover new unique applications for the latest technologies and changing the entire scope of possibilities when it comes to an effective product launch.

Harary and his team made national headlines for GM at the launch of their newest Corvette when he teleported a GM Vice-President from Detroit to Los Angeles while he was sitting in the driver’s seat of the car. Audiences at both locations watch in awe, along with members of the international press, as Harary magically teleported GM’s celebrated automobile and it’s driver from coast to coast at the speed of light. For the launch of Golf Air’s new Airbus A330, Harary made an actual A330 airliner magically appear on the airport’s tarmac, stunning the press and a group of corporate VIP guests.
These are just two examples of the many press-worthy events Harary has created for the world’s leading companies.

Headline grabbing impossibilities are exactly what Harary and his team bring to the table for a new product launch, where you get only ONE CHANCE to capture the imaginations of consumers and effectively communicate your message to the media. Harary and his team have a proven track record for turning a high stakes launch into a buzz-worthy “mega event” that generates incredible excitement and abundant press. These events utilize Harary’s magic to the utmost effect because they directly increase a company’s bottom line, and that is the best trick of all!