Franz Harary has designed some of the most ground breaking illusions in the world. Today Harary is largely credited for changing the look of magic as an art form. He has even been known to do, what the international press has dubbed “Mega Magic.”

This is a form of illusion so large in scope and concept that it can not be confined to a theatre or even stadium venue. Specifically, Mega Magic is a ground breaking design approach developed by Harary to create magical effects with massive objects, outdoors on location.

These effects are most often used by Harary not as part of his live shows but as a promotional tool designed to generate a fantastic amount of national visibility for a given event.

Beginning with the vanishing of a Las Vegas Hotel, to the disappearance of a space shuttle, Harary has shown the world that magic can work on a visual scale never before imagined.

Harary can make even some of the world’s most recognizable buildings and landmarks disappear. He made the Taj Mahal in India vanish into thin air, moved Hawaii’s Diamond Head volcano 2 miles out to sea. He’s even made the ever popular Good Year Blimp turn invisible and teleported a famous pop star from Japan to Los Angeles.

Today Haray’s Mega Magic can be seen prominently in his syndicated TV series “Magic Planet.” This thirteen part series follows Harary’s travels around the world and documents as he produced these massive illusions by incorporating international land marks.

these record braking stunts

produce a great deal of awareness to an event

Other now iconic mega effects of Harary’s include the invisibility of London’s Tower Bridge, making the world-famous Sphinx in Egypt vanish, and causing the disappearance of a 50 story Tokyo skyscrapers. More than anything, these record braking stunts all do one thing; produce a great deal of awareness to an event regardless of where or when. And that’s MEGA!


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