Magic truly has an


The art of illusion bridges all cultural and geographic boundaries.

As children we all believed in magic. As we grow older this sense of wonder seems to diminish. Franz Harary and his team bring to the stage a production that lets all of us recapture that sense of wonder. This, more then anything else has lead to the record breaking success of Franz Harary’s magic through out the world.



for Harary’s magic as it has played theaters and arenas in virtually every part of the planet. Today’s audiences have become more and more sophisticated with the internet and an ever growing amount of international TV. This has caused a higher standard for world class entertainment and attractions. To accommodate this, Franz Harary has assembled a team of talented performers along with the biggest collection of state-of- the-art magic illusions to tour the world. Like all of Harary’s productions, this touring show is totally modular in design. This lets Harary bring his magic to venues of virtually any size and configuration.

From the smallest production, capable of playing midsized theaters to Harary’s mega illusion shows designed for stadium and sports, arenas, these show packages are powerful in their own right each one designed to get the biggest impact possible. No matter the size of the venue or what trick is being performed, each member of the audience feels as though they have been part of a once in a life time event.

Franz Harary and his team have proven themselves

the most experienced traveling illusion show in the world.

Though the audience is watching the illusions onstage, the real magic happens behind the scenes. With many years of experience touring internationally Harary and his production staff have refined the craft of live show production to an art form all it’s own.

By employing the most state-of-the-art concert production philosophy, from the first call to opening night, Franz Harary and his team see to it that every aspect of the production is well thought out and designed for smooth operation and travel. This begins with the fact that Harary has 5 separate show units each one its own fully independent production. This allows for one show unit to be traveling while the second show is in preproduction and even a third show mounted and operating.

With this Harary doesn’t need to transport the show by air freight. If he has advance notice of a show, sea freight is used instead. Sea freight is used globally and greatly reduces transportation costs. This makes Harary’s shows not only the biggest and most spectacular production of its kind but also the most economical.

Anyone who has ever worked internationally can tell you that culture and language barriers can be a productions worst enemy. To answer this, Franz Harary has assembled a truly international team, including production personal from 7 different countries. Harary’s staff is very sensitive to culture and international work ethics.

In addition Harary’s productions are fully prepared for international variations of acceptable entertainment standards. For example, to accommodate parts of shows performed in the Middle East, there is a second set of costumes for the females onstage, designed specifically to address the unique sexual sensitivity of that region.

As any promoter will tell you,

nothing matters unless the marketing is effective.

To make the most of every tour, Harary has developed a new format of publicity and public relations. This begins with an understanding of the press and how to most effectively communicate with them and generate the most visibility possible. As an illusion designer, Harary has the ability to create massive illusion stunts now coined by the international press as “mega magic.” These on location super-real illusions bring a national awareness to the production like nothing else in the world. For example to launch a tour of India Harary had the Taj Mahal “disappear.” To promote a run in Hawaii, Harary made the Diamond Head Volcano move 2 miles out to sea. In London, the tower bridge became “invisible.” In every case these stunts create a buzz all there own and in the end makes for a publicity tool stronger than any other.


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