Casinos are continuously looking for new and future elements in entertainment and Harary’s productions are always the most cutting edge illusions in the world. Harary’s magic has been a prominent part of the international casino scene for over 20 years. Beginning with Caesars Palace, Harary’s illusions have been enjoyed by audiences worldwide.

Pulling from his background as an illusion designer for super star rock concerts including Michael Jackson and Cher, Harary took this music industry production formula to produce the world first illusion show that felt and looked like a pop concert. Along with it came all the on stage energy and excitement of the rock and roll world as well.

His first show runs throughout Asia and to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and casinos throughout the U.S., Harary has proven himself to again and again to understand the ever changing tastes of the entertainment market.

His ability to adapt to these trends and bring to the stage the hottest, sexiest, and most edgy illusion productions in the industry has made Harary’s magic amongst the most sought after and successful in the casino industry today.

Like all of Harary’s illusion shows, these productions are fully modular and self contained. Regardless of the stage and venue size Harary’s shows are designed to fit virtually any size or configuration. This allows for total flexibility not only in size and scope but in cost and budget.

From the largest spectacle production shows featuring an appearing airplane to the smallest and most intimate magic, every one of Harary’s illusion shows makes the most of the resources available.

Finally, because of his continuing work as one of the worlds top illusion designers, Harary’s magic is more visible than any other single magician in Las Vegas today.