His ground breaking magic designs and inventions have changed the art of magic. Beginning with his work as a designer of magic for rock concerts including Janet Jackson, the Grammy’s, and the Super Bowl and his designs for numerous Broadway musicals , TV events and theme parks including Disney and Universal Studios, Harary’s magic has defined what state-of- the-art illusions look like. His magic designs have been called upon by some of the most respected people in the industry, including Steven Spielberg, David Copperfield, Chris Angel, and Michael Jackson. Today, every illusionist on the Las Vegas strip features Harary’s magic in their show.

franz harary has proven himself to be

a world class artist

Franz Harary has proven himself to be both a world class artist as well as an engineer developing mega illusions and effects that have become icons in their own right. Among them are the disappearance of a space shuttle into thin air, the teleportation of a person across the country, and over 20 magic effects performed by magicians in theaters cruise ships and private events around the world.
Today Franz Harary’s magic is literally seen around the world. His designs are often featured on TV, in commercials, at concerts, corporate events, theatre productions, promotions, and private events globally.
Beyond his ground breaking illusion design, Harary has teamed up with Gem Effects, the world’s number one fire effects company responsible for such shows as Universal Studios’ Back-Draft, Indiana Jones, and the Mirage Volcano.

harary has created

a whole new kind of magic

Together Harary and Gem Effects have created a whole new kind of magic based on fire and high impact pyrotechnics effects. This “hot magic” as it has come to be named by the industry, has since been called upon by theme parks attractions and high profile events around the world.