The entertainment world will forever remember when Franz Harary created all of the magic illusions for Michael Jackson’s Victory tour which established him as the world’s foremost authority on Illusion Design for the live concert industry. Since then, Harary has established himself as the driving force in today’s live concert magic.

The music industry is constantly looking to re-invent itself. This is apparent by the state of the art technology developed for today’s concerts. Harary has shown this industry that the most powerful effects on stage can also be the simplest. In an industry where lasers, LED video, robotic and mechanical effects have become everyday fair, audiences look for that which, quite simply, is impossible. Using magic principals, Harary creates the illusion of technology that is ahead its time.

The best way to describe this design style is to list
just a few of Harary’s past accomplishments:


Transforming Janet Jackson into a black panther


Madonna materializing from a ball of smoke


Allowing Cher to fly across the stage


Alice Cooper impaling a man on a microphone stand


Earth Wind and Fire vanish into a pyramid


TLC from robots


Missy Elliot taking her head off


Michael Jackson flying across the stage.


Causing N*SYNC to vanish in a flash from the front of the stage and teleporting 100 yards to the back of the stadium.

In every case these over-the-top effects become the single most memorable effect on the concert. Today, with over 100 concert productions to his credit Harary has begun to reveal the secret to his unparalleled success in this field. In a recent interview for the Associated Press, Harary was quoted saying:

Today we live in world where everything seems to be possible. Audiences watch music videos and see pop stars do unreal things. Unfortunately, this digital technology has lead to a general disappointment when the same effects seen on a 2 dimensional TV screen can’t be reproduced live on stage. What I do is look into the minds of the artist .Be it Reba McEntire or Prince; I simply ask the question, ‘If you could realize your wildest imagination, what would you do on stage?’ From that answer I go to work and begin engineering that image. In the end my magic becomes a tool that allows musicians to live out their own visual fantasies on stage and in doing so, sharing their true vision with the crowd.

                                                                                                                                                                         Franz Harary

Harary's client list reads like a

veritable who's who of the celebrity world.

To date Harary’s client list reads like a veritable who’s who of the celebrity world. In an industry always hungry for new effects, Harary continues to develop innovative visual illusions for concerts around the world.

From his latest work, combining magic with fire effects for such illusions as the materialization of a man from a ring of flames (Usher’s appearance at the BET Awards), the levitation of a car as it flies around the stage (Shock, Japan), to the onstage appearance of a real jet airplane, Harary continues to redefine the scope of his art form in the most progressive of all arenas.


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