Franz Harary continually redefines the art of magic through his work as a performer and visionary illusion designer. He has the distinction of being the first world-class magician to perform illusions entirely of his own design, winning international acclaim and multiple awards for his astounding achievements in magic.
“Magic, by definition, is anything perceived to be outside the laws of science. As science progresses, so too magic must evolve, each propelling the other forward at the speed of wonder.” – Franz Harary


In 2014 Harary designed the biggest most costly illusion in the history of magic, a Mega Illusion called, The Orb. It’s a huge crystal encrusted ball that pulses with light as it levitates inside a three story tall glass case that allows a 360º view of this $7,000,000 magical masterpiece. From the day it went on display outside his own high-tech magic venue in Macau (The House of Magic by Franz Harary) crowds have been transfixed by The Orb’s, ability to defy gravity.
Millions of fans around the globe know Harary from his numerous international television appearances and he continues to sellout stadiums and arenas across Asia and the Far East with his live show, IMAGINE NATION, the largest touring illusion show in the world.
In Taipei, traffic was shut down for eight city blocks as 45,000 people gathered to witness one of Harary’s illusions taking place above a busy intersection.
In Peru Harary broke attendance records, playing to audiences topping 40,000 people. In New Delhi, he amazed crowds of 30,000 at Indira Ghandi Stadium and in Indonesia, his show drew 47,000 people. In Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand and Japan, Harary set attendance records at his sold-out​ performances.


Franz Harary is credited with making magic a viable element of modern concert productions.

Pop superstars like Justin Bieber, Usher, Missy Elliot, Madonna, *NSYNC and Michael Jackson have all featured Harary’s cutting edge illusions in their shows. If you combine this visibility with his own live shows, international TV appearances and illusion designs for theme parks, Broadway productions and movies, Harary’s magic ranks as being seen by more people than any other magician.

“A generation raised on MTV has come to expect that the amazing visual effects they see in music videos will be reproduced live onstage. When a recording artist goes on tour their show is competing with their own sensational music videos. My magic allows them to create live onstage the same kind of stunning effects and illusions their fans see on TV.” – Franz Harary


It all started for Harary when he sent a video tape of his illusions to Michael Jackson.
Weeks later Harary was flown to Los Angeles for a face to face meeting with the King of Pop. Micheal admired Harary’s inexhaustible creativity and expertise and hired him to design illusions for the Jackson’s Victory Tour, launching Harary’s career as the concert industry’s hottest Magic FX Designer. Today, his client list is filled with Grammy winning superstars from every genre of music.

“A generation raised on MTV has come to expect that the amazing visual effects they see in music videos will be repeated live on stage. Today, when a band goes on tour, their show is literally competing with their own music videos. My magic allows them to recreate, live on stage, the same kind of stunning effects and illusions their fans have seen on TV.”

– Franz Harary

A partial list of Harary’s accomplishments in the past decade:

At Kennedy Space Center, for a live audience, Harary made NASA’s Space Shuttle disappear in front of startled onlookers! This Mega Illusion was the finale of NBC’s highest rated special of the year.
He’s made an MD-80 airliner magically appear from thin air numerous times on US network and international television.
On his first Japanese TV special, Harary made a 52-story skyscraper vanish from the center of Tokyo, a fete that holds the record for the largest illusion ever. He’s also made the Goodyear Blimp disappear as part of a 1-hour special for Japan’s No.1 television network.
In Hawaii, Harary moved the position of the Diamond Head Volcano 2 miles. At Pearl Harbor he caused the battle ship USS Missouri to become invisible.
In Las Vegas, Harary caused the Luxor Pyramid Hotel Casino to vanish.
In Moscow, Harary caused a Russian tank, surrounded by a cordon of military police, to disappear. This earns him the title, Illusionist Of The Year, at the International Magic Awards.
In India, Harary levitated the Taj Mahal on a TV Special viewed by 400 million.
In Abu Dhabi, he magically produced an A-330 jetliner in the desert as the closing of his middle-eastern TV special.
Live, in Rio de Janeiro Harary moved the “Cristo" (Rio’s famous 15 story statue) from the top of one mountain to another.
In his second TV special in India and China, Harary generated combined viewership of over 1.2 billion people, making Harary the most seen magician on the planet.
Harary teleported a Japanese superstar from Tokyo to Los Angeles, live on network television, in front of live audiences at both locations.
Working with NASA, Harary made an SR 71 Black Bird (the world’s fastest plane) vanish in a flash of light.
On his TV own series, Magic Planet, Harary magically produced a convoy of ten semi-trucks.
In Dalian, China, Harary produced, Polar Chaos, the largest fire effects stunt show of its kind, which set records for flame size and overall explosive fire power.
In Cairo, Egypt, Harary caused the Sphinx to become invisible, and in doing so he was presented with The International Magician’s Society’s highest honor.

Designer of the Impossible

Harary’s talent as a designer and innovator makes him a valuable ally for corporate presentations and theme parks around the world. In fact, his illusions can be seen in top amusement parks including, Universal Studios, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Walt Disney World, ​and Euro-Disney.

Corporations count on Harary to elevate the impact of their presentations with his remarkable magic. Honda, Nissan, and AT&T are just a few of the industrial clients for which Harary has created one-of-a-kind illusions.

Harary helped Chevrolet make record breaking headlines when live, via satellite, he teleported their new Corvette and it’s CEO driver from the Detroit Auto Show to Los Angeles in the blink of an eye. An audience from the international press witnessed this magical teleportation live in both locations.


On Television

Franz Harary has been featured on hundreds of television programs worldwide and was the host of the internationally syndicated, Masters of Illusion. This one hour weekly series also showcased some of Harary’s unique cutting edge magic.

Harary has also starred in 27 of his own world wide television specials. His one and two hour TV specials in Japan, China, Thailand, Korea, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia and India have made him one of the most visible U.S. variety artists in the Eastern hemisphere.

“I believe magic, by definition, is anything perceived to be outside the laws of science. As science progresses, so too must magic evolve, remaining a few steps ahead, surfing the wave of technology. Scientific discovery relies on mankind’s ability to dream. Magic rekindles that childlike ability. Magic and science are linked together in a perpetual dance, and I believe it is magic that must lead as each one propels the other forward at the speed of wonder.”

– Franz Harary